Covid 19 – Sanitary pass

The health pass is mandatory to access the event

The “health pass” consists of the presentation, digital (via the TousAntiCovid application) or paper, of health proof, among the following three:

  • 1. Vaccination, provided that people have a complete vaccination schedule and the necessary time after the final injection, either:
    • 7 days after the 2nd injection for double injection vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca).
    • 28 days after injection for vaccines with a single injection (Johnson & Johnson).
    • 7 days after the injection of the vaccine for people with a history of Covid (1 single injection).


  • 2. Proof of a negative test of less than 72 hours.


  • 3. The result of a positive RT-PCR or antigen test attesting to recovery from Covid-19, dating at least 11 days and less than 6 months.

Wearing a mask is not compulsory and is left to the discretion of each individual.

No gauge is imposed.

Catering on the stands is authorized without conditions.

A personal advice?

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