Awards 2022 – Equipment


Lisier Tester

Slurry Tester is a solution compatible with all brands of slurry tanker, which analyzes the composition of the slurry in real time, displays its value on a smartphone, displays the N content in kgN/m3, modulates the dose kgN/ha spread, improves its fertilizing characteristics . It should be noted that the company Agragex offers in addition to this device a precision dripline ramp that can go up to 9 meters.

The +: optimization of the productivity of the plot and reduction of the environmental footprint of effluents.

Outside – Stand 1542



Anipile, subcutaneous implant allowing the monitoring of the reproduction of cattle, the health monitoring and the well-being of the cow

The Anipile is a new generation monitoring solution consisting of a biocompatible implant inserted under the skin of the animal, only once in its life and makes it possible to detect all the events of reproduction and the well-being of this one. . Once implanted, it communicates its information on the breeder’s smartphone. A patented device, the Anipile has been the subject of 10 years of research and development. Since 2011, more than 600 implantations in cattle but also in horses have been carried out.

The +: precise monitoring of reproduction, prediction of calvings, prevention, animal well-being.

Hall 3 – Stand C 4


Scania, dung diagnostic tool

Scanea is a portable NIR (Near Infra Red) analysis tool. It accurately and instantly assesses the digestibility of starch directly on farms by analyzing dung. The calibration of the tool was carried out from numerous samples for maximum reliability, and the standard deviation obtained was 0.696, against 0.531 with chemistry. It is therefore as reliable as a chemical analysis, but the values obtained with Scanea are given in 5 minutes, compared to two weeks with chemistry. It is also much more precise and faster than sieving dung. Optimizing the use of energy from the ration increases dairy production levels.

The +: immediate adjustment, ration optimization.

Hall 1 – Stand A 31


The SRP CONCEPT modular formwork

The modular formwork is a new construction material in 85% recycled PVC, based on an intelligent interlocking system of the formworks which is the subject of an in-depth study by Serba (concrete design office). This double-walled clip-on block has cells at its heart, to be filled or not with concrete, depending on the configuration of the projects. The SRP CONCEPT formwork is an alternative to traditional construction methods and replaces shuttered walls, shuttering block walls, prefabricated walls… and facilitates the construction of: fixed or removable scraper wall, peripheral wall, sill, manure pit, milking parlor wall, cubicle wall, loading docks … All at a relatively attractive cost.

The +: non-corrosive product, gain in implementation.

Hall 2 – Stand A 15


INTRA ECO TAPE Biodegradable cohesive tape for ruminant hooves

Developed in natural fabric, the INTRA ECO TAPE bandage is a biodegradable dressing that retains the necessary advantages (extensibility, easy tearing and perfect adhesion) and has the advantage of being two in one: bandage and compress, which can be removed by itself. two days. In addition, its oxygen permeability promotes skin regeneration.

The +: biodegradable, animal welfare.

Hall 2 – Stand F 15

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