Awards 2020 – Equipment


TT F folding mobile farm gate

This mobile gate has been designed in several self-folding elements that easily fold into themselves. It closes wide spaces as it can be extended out to 18 metres and if coupled to a second gate out to 36 metres. It can be rapidly deployed on any ground, whatever the gradient, due to its sliding gimbal, and without undue effort due to its 400mm dia. wheel. There is no requirement for any masonry work over the distance to be closed and the fact that it is highly compact leaves ample space for vehicles to pass.

The +: manoeuvrability.

Outdoors – Alley 15 – Stand 1537


Equivert horse-drawn rubbish collection vehicle

This environmentally friendly horse-drawn vehicle for collecting refuse also promotes local breeds of draft horses (such as the Boulonnais and Trait du Nord) and the work of their breeders. Equipped with an open skip, an electric skip lift and a spreading chain. The skip’s volume is 3 tonnes. Equipped with solar panels, the Equivert is 80% self-powered in electricity. Not just a green way of collecting refuse, the project also contributes to saving threatened breeds of draft horses, knowledge transfer, and a further means for breeders and horse owners to earn extra income.

The +: ecology & diversification.

Outdoors – Alley 5 – Stand 0518


KHIKO® stop-theft device

Khiko® is an anti-theft device that detects suspicious
movement, sending alarms (SMS, emails etc.) in real time
to guard against the theft of agricultural machinery and
equipment, a phenomenon that has been on the increase in
recent years. The device takes the form of a connected object
that combines a mix of several technologies (mechanical,
electronic, digital and telecommunications) and is mounted
directly on the vehicle or machine at risk.

The +: satisfies a growing need.

Hall 1 – Alleys F/G – Stand 0213



The LAPETY WELLAP system offers an alternative sort of
housing for breeding rabbits to the traditional cage, easily
converted the LAPETY WELLAP system also includes objects
that enhance the rabbit’s environment and consequently
its behaviour, seasonal nutritional advice, and breeding
management advice. This system model makes it possible to
set up young rabbit breeders at lower costs.

The +: diversification & rabbit welfare.

Hall 1 – Alleys F/G – Stand 0207

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