Awards 2018 – Equipment

Beiser environnement

Mobile water tank with internet-connected sensor

Connected to a mobile phone application, this water tank can be dismounted from its chassis, is transportable and compatible when connected to a constant water level trough.

It is equipped with a water level probe, an accelerometer, and a system of geo-tracking by LORA technology. The level of the water in the tank and the location of the tank are communicated by internet.

It is possible to programme refill alarms. Beiser, the manufacturer has also developed this system for use with fuel tanks.

The product features: connectivity, monitoring, anticipating.

Outdoors – Alley Q – Stand 3052

Bressuire agricultural highschool


Developed in collaboration with the Institut de l’Elevage and CIIRPO, as part of a France Agrimer programme, OVIFRESH is a 20m² mobile sunshade, designed for use with lots of 50 to 60 ewes in a dynamic rotational grazing system during the summer months.

Comprising five panels, of which the central panel is fixed, it can be rapidly put into use and refolded back into transport mode in just a few minutes by a lone operator.

The wheeled chassis attached to a quad can be fitted with a number of troughs, and a system for flattening and crossing sprung mobile fencing.

The product: operator ergonomics, animal welfare.

Hall 5 – Alley B – Stand 6


SURLOCK hinges and locks

Adaptable for use with all tubular 4 & 5 bar gates in the Jourdain Autolock (2 – 6 m width) range of gates, these fast-locking systems for cattle farms comprise a mobile stop that slides between two jaws.

A plastic protector ensures that passing cattle rubbing up against the system are not injured. The lock compresses the spring on a tilted plane before automatically locking into an oval hole to secure the locking system.

It is no longer necessary to guide the gate to manually bolt its lock, irrespective if left or right closing.

The product features: operator safety.

Outdoors – Alley W – Stand 3019

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