Awards 2017 – Equipment


Variable width passage / optional wicket gate for farm gates

This wicket gate option allows an individual man or animal to pass through without having to open the whole gate. Obstacle-free at ground-level, the octagonal profile and arch (that avoids the need for welding) contains the wicket gate with “autolock” twin-latch system that can be engaged just by pushing the gate. The gate opens both ways and the system is adaptable on all gates between 2 and 6 metres.

The + : ergonomy, safety.

Outside – Alley V – Stand 3019

Lely France

Lely Discovery 120 Collector

This robot sucks slurry up rather than scraping it. Designed for solid floors, it sucks up to 340 litres, due to the suction pressure in the tank, which it can empty in less than 2 minutes into a pump-out station. A water bag inside the tank empties as the slurry level increases. Up to 500 m² of ground floor space can be cleaned every two hours. Cleaning efficiency is further improved by the ground watering system.

The + : efficiency gains & time saving, improvement in animal health status.

Hall 2 – Alley A/B – Stand 36

Vermot rainurage


The kit comprises floor brushes and fixing brackets on to which is attached a system of brush height adjusting screws. It improves floor scraping quality in compensating the surface irregularities frequently found in concrete floors. The brushes kit can be used with all types of automatic slurry scraper.

The + : cleanliness and accessibility.

Hall 1 – Alley C – Stand 91

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