Awards 2019 – Equipment


Cogen’Air®: Thermovoltaic solutions for drying forage

This thermovoltaic solar panel produces electricity and hot air. Heat exchangers recover the heat behind the panel that produces three times more heat than it produces electricity. The hot air is used to barn dry forage, wood, wood chips etc., as per an identical principle found on barns with solar panels and fibrocement sheet roofing, but with up to 3 times more yield.

The +: yield & 100% made in France.

Hall 1 – Alley F – Stand 0180


FlushMaster: bucket washing by TaxiLait

This bucket cleaning system functions on the TaxiLait with a rotary atomising head using the existing pump and water supply.  The bucket’s external surface is washed by brush. It avoids frequent coming-and-going to the washing stand and buckets are cleaned within 10 to 15 seconds.

The +: hygiene, reduced workload.

Hall 2 – Alley A – Stand 31

Dussau Distribution

Robot Sentinel 2

This straw-spreading robot is equipped with a surveillance camera and artificial intelligence. Spreading is automated (all types of bedding < 15 cm long), it cuts out if a human is present and it selects the areas to concentrate spreading as per image analysis.

The +: mitigates the arduous nature of the task.

Outdoors – Alley F – Stand 2030

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