Awards 2021 – Machinery


Integrated wheel cleaner

This on-board cleaner sprays water, under pressure, via the tractor’s hydraulics, spraying it via a localised jet on to tractor wheels and those of any attached or trailed machinery (nozzle holders integrated into the mudguards), with automatic axle by axle management. A 20 m hose on a reel completes the system.

The +: Optimised cleaning while driving, fire prevention.

Outside – Stand 0706


MF Protect-U

The MF Protect-U system provides 24 cm of space between the engine and the cab and contributes to the unique design of this tractor.

The operator enjoys excellent visibility and comfort. The fully encapsulated engine is isolated from the cab, reducing noise and vibration.

This system also insulates the cab from heat and improves engine cooling and efficiency for maximum operation.

The +: comfort and safety.

Outside – Stand 0810


THF-0850 Moisture meter

This tester measures the moisture content of loose or baled hay, straw or wood residues such as chips and pellets, with a moisture range of between 8% and 50%.

The farmer is warned of the risk of overheating before baling, which is highly innovative as current measuring meters on the market can only be used post-baling.

This meter gives accurate results and is inexpensive.

The +: safety and ease of use.

Hall 2 – Stand D22


EasyCut F 400 CV Fold and EasyCut F Highland mowers

The jury wanted to doubly congratulate Krone in rewarding the agricultural engineering company two innovative mowers, a front mower with hydraulically foldable cutter bar (the (EasyCut F 400 CV Fold), and a mower that has been specifically designed for uplands and steep slopes that benefits from the push configuration of the head stock and the standard side-shift function without stress on the universal joints (the EasyCut F Highland).

The +: innovative and suitable for rough and steep terrain.

Outside – Stand 1515



DRAGO GOLD, sunflower harvester

It is the only sunflower harvester equipped with a hydraulic stalk chopper that combines ground level chopping and sunflower harvesting up to 1.5 m high.

Only the head of the sunflower is harvested without the stem, thus avoiding overloading the harvester. The pump attached to the cutter head is powered by a clutch and connected to the chopper by hoses.

Oil level and temperature are monitored from the cab and the fan can be reversed to clean the oil cooler. This device is compatible with all types and brands of harvesters, from 6 to 24 rows.

The +: increased productivity & easily maintained.

Outside – Stand 0413

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