Awards 2018 – Machinery

Lindner France

Platform hoist for persons with reduced mobility

This option in the Lindner range of tractors integrates, a world first, of a platform hoist with inclinable seat enabling people with reduced mobility to access the tractor’s cabin, plus a specific command lever that gathers all the vehicle control systems in one single cluster.

The drive and braking systems can also be commanded with the help of a single-handed wrist strap.

Both hydraulic and mechanical hitching and decoupling of implements, trailers etc. can be done from the tractor cabin, without the need for the driver to have to get out.


The product features: adaptation and ergonomics to the needs of persons with reduced mobility


Outdoors – Alley D – Stand 1079


D10MEL TC mixer bucket

This 4 in 1 mixer bucket includes weigh scale, mixer and feed distribution system with the choice of both left and right discharge using a double spire screw.

Its loading system takes concentrates, notably dry grain and wet maize from silos. It is an efficient alternative to manual loading, for small and medium-sized farms that are unable to justify the expenditure on a fully-fledged fixed clamp cutter at each silo bag.

It also avoids musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), and accidents arising from the exposure to toxic fumes.


The product features: Time saving, reduced hardship for the operator.

Outdoors – Alley J – Stand 2091


Multi’Spread spreader bucket attachment

Can be used with any front-end loader or rear 3-point linkage, and with teleporters, the Multi’Spread bucket spreads all types of light materials that can be used for bedding livestock.

It avoids having to change handling equipment on milk farms with a poultry production operation.

It oscillates from one bedding material to the next easily and without fuss. A patented ejection crosier reduces the spread angle to 21°.

The product features: versatility, uniformity of bedding spread.

Outdoors – Alley E – Stand 2019


NOVACAT 352 CROSSFLOW disc mower

Tailored for the harvest of whole (unripe) crop cereals without the use of a conditioner, this 3.5m cut disc mower is equipped with a screw conveyor that groups swaths together.

The cut swath can either be dropped directly on to, or adjacent to, the swath cut by the front-attached mower and the swath size can be changed using the adjustable swath canopy.

The space between the cutter bar and the screw is closed, thereby the mown forage is trapped until reaching the exit point, avoiding all unnecessary losses. Free of a forage conditioner, the mower is lighter, more power efficient and more manoeuvrable.

The product features: best mow yield.

Outdoors – Alley I – Stand 2081

TICC & De Sangosse

EMIX, the solution for mixing slug pellets with crop seed

Emix is an intermediary hopper that mixes slug pellets and crop seed, an operation that is otherwise (and if manually carried out) judged to be tedious by many farmers.

A slotted-in hopped performs the incorporation of seed and pellets by gravity, thereby respecting the integrity of the products.

The operator is no longer in direct contact with the slug pellets. The obtained mix is uniform, which guarantees the regularity of the sown seed and the slug pellets.

The product features: optimisation of seed and slug pellets, added protection for the operator.

Outdoors – Alley E – Stand 2087

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