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Eloi Farm Clusters

To help meet the challenges of installation and transmission, Eloi offers a new recovery or diversification solution: clusters of farms. A cluster is the grouping of 2 to 3 complementary agro-ecological activities on the same site. Each farmer is independent of his neighbours, owner of his activity, but can benefit from synergies and mutual aid. The objective of the approach is to adapt the farms in transmission to the request of the project leaders at the installation, to ensure their recovery. Concretely, the company Eloi buys a farm from a transferor that it resells under several entities (2 or 3) to project leaders in agroecology.

The +: provision of adapted farms, renewal of generations, collaboration with existing structures (Safer, OPA, etc.).

Hall 1 – Stand G8


Tool for assessing the innate ability of dogs to manage herds of ruminants

The objective of Canidéa is to characterize service dogs on the adequacy between their natural aptitudes and the functioning of the animals handled: such a dog is characterized by an interesting “use value” (VU). Concretely, these VU dogs are able to prevent escapes, to keep the animals grouped together, close to the driver, to confront the animals if necessary in a respectful manner and to induce a movement in the animals towards the driver, without predatory behavior. . This allows each member of the triptych (breeder – herd – dog) to find their balance on the farm. Objectifying the assessment of the “use value” of a dog through an exhaustive evaluation grid is a first.

The +: increased efficiency, harmony between man and animal.

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