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Process Lunix™, sexing in Ovo Barbary and Muscovy ducks

An actor at the forefront of innovations in animal breeding and
animal welfare, Grimaud Frères has developed a method of
sexing in the egg that is capable of detecting the sex of future
ducklings while still in the embryonic stage on two major
breeds of duck in France: the Barbary and the Muscovy duck.
The Lunix™ process is born from the pooling of the company’s
selection and breeding knowledge, and its partnership
with Seemax, a developer of solutions based on artificial
intelligence associated with spectrometry.

The +: technology & animal welfare.

Hall 1 – Alley B – Stand 0080


Genomic relations and genomic mating plan

Umotest offers breeders of Montbeliard cattle, and their
associated cooperatives, tools integrating the data obtained
through genotyping (genomic relations and the financial
impact of specific genes of interest) during mating with the
potential of up to 25% efficiency gains. All Montbeliard breed
females are managed using the same tool, whether they have
been genotyped or not. Genomic relatedness offers farmers
a better prediction of the risks of inbreeding of unborn
calves. The genes of interest element, on the other hand, is
responsible for determining a trait that is deemed to have a
+ or – economic impact that the farmer can select or offset,
such as genetic abnormalities. The breeder defines their own
selection objectives to improve the genetic level of their herd.

The +: genetic improvement.

Hall 2 – Alley A – Stand 0006

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