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Schippers France

MS AutoHoffClean

The product MS AutoHoffClean associates a footbath mattress with a cleansing and disinfectant product. The mattress is positioned at the milking parlour exit and a pump maintains fluid pressure.

The cleansing/disinfecting product only escapes from the mattress under the weight of the passing cow’s feet, bathing all the cow’s digits.

The upper surface of the mattress does not reabsorb the cleaner/disinfectant. It is a wholly-new approach to treating digital dermatitis (Mortellaro’s disease) in milk cattle by an automatic treatment of digits and the disinfection of the ground.

The product features: reduced lameness.

Hall 2 – Alley D – Stand 73

Graines Loras


AQUA is a moisture binder. Known in other applications, this product is mixed with grassland seed and vegetative cover, it easily increases the soil’s easily-usable water reserve (RFU)l.

The hydro-absorbent granules have extraordinary properties of absorbing-storing-returning (2 to 400 times their weight in water).

In arid areas, the regulation of soil humidity is beneficial for the germination and shooting of grass seed.

The product features: adapted to climate change, optimisation of water resources.

Hall 1 – Alley A – Stand 9


DEFI’Flor®, fermented feed supplement

Défi’flor® is a feed supplement based on the principle of the coculture of bacteria and yeasts. Administered in the first hours of life to several species of new-born animals, it helps the animal to develop its own beneficial flora.

The first-ever kefibiotique product to be examined by the jury of the Sommets d’Or, DEFI’Flor® is based on the results of experiments carried out notably by Vetagro’Sup (The Agricultural Vet school) and the universities of Clermont-Auvergne and Lyon.

As part of the scheme to reduce the systematic use of antibiotics, Défi’Flor® constitute an encouraging alternative.


The product features: prevention, animal health.

Hall 1 – Alley A – Stand 19

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