Awards 2019 – Supplies


Eye breed

Equipped with a camera, it is no longer necessary to undertake a rectal frisk when inseminating (the cervix is held back by continuous aspiration). Manipulation consists of simply aligning the 3 different rings to gain access to the uterus and to deposit the semen. A suitcase and a holster are supplied to the operator. This technique, available to all farmers does not require a tedious apprenticeship. The pronouncement of insemination can be made simultaneously.

The +: educational and economical.

Hall 3 – Alley A – Stand 55


Flora Boost : post-trempage naturel non biocide

This emulsion with moisturising qualities, is obtained from materials that are 100% natural and food safe. It does not drip, and it does not leave any residual taste in the processed product.  Benefiting from the ECOCERT (organic agriculture) certification, it preserves and stimulates flora beneficial to cheese-making, that is highly sought after by AOP cheese processors.

The +: preservation of the microbial flora.

Hall 1 – Alley A – Stand 35

Medria Solutions

Vel’Live : Service de monitoring du vêlage

This service based on behavioural analysis completes the range of services provided by the Axel cow collar. The triple-axis accelerometer record’s the animal’s activity every 5 minutes. Monitoring self-activates at all the key moments: Heat’Live, Feed’Live, Time’Live and now VEL’LIVE. The data is then transferred to a mobile phone platform before transfer to the Medria server.

The +: simplification, multifonction.

Hall 1 – Alley C – Stand 96

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