Awards 2017 – Supplies

IMV Technologies

Alphavision system

This CCTV system provides farmers with further tools in the management of their breeding and insemination programmes. The insemination pistol is equipped with a miniature camera that is both waterproof and has its own lighting system. It visualises the cervix and transmits the image to a terminal worn around the operator’s neck or forearm. A diagnosis tool, it detects deformities and infections (e.g. metritis).

The + : visualise instantly, prevention and follow-up.

Hall 3 – Alley A – Stand 25

Schippers France

MS Bi-check

These stainless-steel double foot clippers have two functions: to spread claws to facilitate hoof examination and the space between the claws, and a clamp that detects painful areas of the foot. Lameness in livestock is the third most-important pathology, in terms of frequency and economic impact, this tool is certainly most welcome in a context where footbaths are no longer perceived to be the sinecure for foot problems.

The + : ergonomy, livestock health.

Hall 2 – Alley C – Stand 71

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