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Project EleVE: How to control parasitism in cattle while respecting the environment?

Tuesday 5 October
10:00 - 12:00
Conference centre - Room 5

The GTV Auvergne (Groupement Technique Vétérinaire) is leading the EleVE project (for Eleveur Vétérinaire Environnement), the objective of which is to promote reasoned management of bovine parasitism and to enhance the veterinarian’s role as prescriber for antiparasitics. This project follows a study by the Groupement de Défense Sanitaire (GDS) du Cantal which revealed, on the part of breeders, a real need for information on bovine parasites and the means of combating these parasites. This study also revealed sometimes very high treatment costs.
The main objectives of the EleVE project are:

  • Reduce the risk of the appearance of parasites resistant to treatment
  • Reduce the costs of antiparasitic treatments
  • To move towards a better sanitary state of the cattle herds
  • Reduce the environmental impact linked to the use of these molecules

Unreasoned use of antiparasitic drugs is likely to promote the emergence of parasites resistant to treatment and, in the relatively short term, to lead to their ineffectiveness. Some molecules used also have harmful effects on the environment and strong societal demand calls for the abandonment of the too systematic use of biocides in animal husbandry.

54 farms supported by around twenty veterinary surgeries took part in this project. These farms were offered treatments adapted to their level of parasite infestation.

The project being completed a year ago, a review of it is proposed during this conference.


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